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Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin (1699-1799) was a French painter of still life's and domestic scenes notable for their intimate realism,tranquil atmosphere and the luminous quality of their paint. Cardin was discovered in the middle of the 19th century by a group of French critics and collectors.  The Louvre made its first acquisitions of his work only in the 1860s. Today Chardin is considered the greatest 18th century. Still-life painter.

One day, an artist was making a big show of the method he used to purify and perfect his colours. Monsieur Chardin, impatient with so much idle chatter,said to the artist, "But who told you that one paints with colours?" "With what then?" the astonished artist asked. "One uses colours," replied Chardin, "but one paints with feeling." Charles-Nicolas Cochin