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Botticelli La Femme- Calendar year Daily Goal Organizer

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ISBN-10: 1541134486:

Part of BWM-Collection 2017 Limited Edition Daily Notebook Planners inspired by Old Master Paintings. 

The Artistic discovery continues on the inside featuring monthly inspiring Appropriation Artworks of Botticelli's original drawings, paintings and inspirational novel quotes, combined with a Monthly "Anyone Can Paint" page to visually express your ideas and unlock your creativity and "Out of the Box" thinking. 

The planner covers a full 12 months starting Jan 1st, 2017 -Jan 1st, 2018, includes:  

  • New Year "Goals Road Map" annual exercise to help you define your goals and write down your Action Plan
  •     Mid-year, "Dare to Dream" page, an exercise to help you define inner most purpose.
  •     "Year End Summery" to help you conclude and evaluate your annual achievement and prepare for the next year.

Put the power of planning and record keeping in your hands with a ruled page for each day displayed with current and future month reference formatted to show: 

On the on the left: 

  •      The day's hourly appointments broken down into hourly sections from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

On the Right: 

  •        Check List Task -to keep your attention on the most important
  •       Notes - for general use
  •      "My Daily Lesson" to track your business and spiritual insights.

At the top :

  •       Two Months calendar, the current month and the following month to plan ahead.
  •     US Holidays    

This stylish Daily Notebook Planner includes a Weekly "Meal and Workout Planner" ruled page, to help you keep track your well being and grow positive habits to keep you fit. 

The weekly "Meal and Workout Planner"  is broken to:

  •      Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and Workout report that you can freely fill with the current nutritional and physical activity method you practice.
  •      Grocery List
  •     Notes  - for general use and reminders

Last but not list:  a one page Christmas Planner for that time of the year, including:

  •      Wish List
  •      Gift list
  •      Send Card to
  •      Stuffer ideas

Follow Botticelli Daily Notebook Planner whether you are a romantic daydreamer seeking to track upcoming parties and events, or a professional decision maker seeking to manage your work-life balance.


  • Series: BWM Collection
  • Paperback: 450 pages