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The Birth of Venus-  "La Femme"

The Birth of Venus- "La Femme"

Posted by P N Chen on 7th Feb 2017

Sandro Botticelli , 1445-1510, was one of the greatest Florentine painters. His painting, “The Birth of Venus”, is often used to explore the essence of the XV century Italian Renaissance.

Although "the Birth of Venus" is regarded a landmark and one of the most popular and valued Italian painting, it took 400 years until Botticelli’s work was fully discovered and famed for.

"Birth of Venus" 1485. Uffizi, Florence.  Tempera on canvas, 172.5 cm × 278.5 cm (67.9 in × 109.6 in)

The Birth of Venus portrays the emerging of Venus, the Goddess of Love, from the sea, and her arrival as a mature woman at the shore.

The artwork features four Gods:

Venus, goddess of love, standing on the seashell in a classical hand gesture, known as "Venus Pudica"
Zephyr, god of the west wind blowing the newborn Venus off to shore.
Aura -nymphs of the wind otherwise claimed as Chloris, the nymph of the spring- unfolding roses at Venus' feet.
Horae, goddesses of the seasons, waiting by the seashore, ready to clothe Venus.

The Birth of Venus is an unusual to the XV century sensual artwork, furthermore that it was commissioned by the Medici Family and selected to hang over the family marital bed. A daring act that serves a reminder of the importance rare collectors play in the history of art.

Taking into account the conservative Middle Ages Christian Art –it’s a miracle that this sensational nudity artwork survived the crusade that influenced Botticelli to burn some of his early paintings over due to their "sinful" nature.

The image of Venus is associated with Simonetta Vespucci, considered as a model for female beauty throughout Florence and adored by Botticelli who demanded to be buried next to her. The other model for Venus pose is related to the “Medici Venus” – a first century BC statue depicting Aphrodite in the classical Venus pudica posture.

                                                              Venus Medici in a "Venus Pudica" pose

Botticelli's attention to feminine beauty here also featured in Venus hairstyle, inspired generations of artists to repose the same, keeping Botticelli on top of contemporary trends and fashion. The English Actor Peter Ustinov once remarked: "If Botticelli were alive today he'd be working for Vogue" and Brigitte Bardot charmingly wondered:" Was it me that Botticelli imagined?”

I highly recommend exploring Victoria and Albert Museum, 2016-"Botticelli Reimagined", Exhibition, if you wish to discover more of the impact of Botticelli’s work from Pre-Raphaelites to today.

It’s also worth mentioning that "The birth of Venus" marks the rise of Canvas. Up to that point, painters mainly used wood panels. The birth of Venus was the first and the largest work on canvas in Tuscany. In addition to that, Botticelli used alabaster powder, producing brighter colors.

Botticelli’s early style attempted to visualize poetry and some say the Birth of Venus, was inspired by  Angelo Poliziano poem“Stanze per la giostra”, otherwise, it complements the ideals of Love as a source of spiritual inner beauty, an idea derived of Plato philosophy, arguing that the contemplation of physical beauty triggers the mind to comprehend and abide the inner spiritual beauty. A point supported by many of the 21st century living Enlightened Masters.

BWM Collection, "Old Masters Daily Notebook Planner", features 10 appropriation artworks of Botticelli’s Originals, continuing the idea that inner beauty and spiritual growth can be virtually gained by gazing at  Love idols. It was but obvious we titled "The Birth of Venus" appropriation artwork "La Femme".

Anyone adoring Venus whether motivated by aesthetic, spiritual or astrological reasons, otherwise with intent attracting true love into his life, Botticelli's Venus, is one of the best love idols ever created in the art history.

Carrying BWM Collection "La Femme". year round can help you gain a natural, easy going and ongoing effortless  contemplation and meditation on love, manifesting the same in your life. 

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